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Medical Monsters Volume 2


The lives and dreadful deeds of 22 horrific medical serial killers

True Murder Cases included in this volume;

Anthony Joyner: A truly depraved individual who preyed on the elderly women at the nursing home where he worked, raping and suffocating his victims.

Daniela Poggiali: This Italian nurse murdered the patients under her care, then posed for selfies with their corpses.

The Skin Hunters: This Polish ambulance crew had less interest in saving its victims and more in earning a bounty on their corpses.

Linda Hazzard: An alternate healer who believed that fasting was the cure-all for disease, Hazzard starved as many as 40 of her patients to death.

John Bodkin Adams: A humble GP who became the wealthiest doctor in Britain, thanks to bequests from over 130 of his patients, many of whom died under suspicious circumstances.

Roland E. Clark: Abortionist, rapist, child molester, drug dealer, murderer, Dr. Clark must surely rank as one of the most malevolent individuals to ever earn a medical degree.

Jane Toppan: A deeply disturbed nurse with a terrifying ambition - to kill more people than anyone else ever had.

Robert Diaz: Self-proclaimed psychic who claimed that he could predict the day and hour of his patients’ deaths. He was never wrong.

William & Lila Young: A truly heartless Canadian couple who turned baby farming into an industry. Responsible for the deaths of as many as 600 infants.

Joan Vila Dilme: Vila claimed that his murders were “mercy killings” but the method he employed ensured that his victims died in excruciating agony.

Plus 12 more sensational true crime cases…