Human Monsters Volume 5


30 classic cases of serial murder from around the world, including;

David and Catherine Birnie: Depraved Australian couple who sexual tortured and murdered four young women.

Luis Garavito: The world’s most prolific serial killer. Garavito raped and killed as many as 300 young boys.

Irina Gaidamachuk: Known as “Satan in a Skirt,” Gaidamachuk bludgeoned 17 elderly women, robbing them for money to buy vodka.

Georg Karl Grossman: German cannibal who killed over 50 women, selling their flesh on the black market.

Gilbert Paul Jordan: A unique serial killer who used alcohol as a murder weapon.

Viktor Sayenko and Igor Suprunyuck: Deadly Ukrainian duo, who recorded their brutal murders on videotape.

Manuel Blanco Romasanta: Spanish “werewolf” who murdered at least 9 women and children, using their body fat to make soap.

Ion Rimaru: A real-life Romanian vampire, Rimaru terrorized Bucharest with a series of horrifically bloody murders.

Tsutomu Miyazaki: Deeply disturbed Japanese serial killer who practiced cannibalism and necrophilia on his young victims.

Adolfo Constanzo: Satanic cult leader who tortured and murdered at least 15 victims during human sacrifice rituals.

Plus 20 more riveting true crime cases.