Human Monsters Volume 2


30 classic cases of serial murder from around the world, including;

Andrei Chikatilo: One of the deadliest serial killers in history. Chikatilo slaughtered 56 women and children, literally tearing them apart.

Enriqueta Marti: Spanish witch, murderer and procurer of children. Marti turned the fat and bones of her young victims into potions, elixirs and face creams for her rich clients.

Paul Bernardo: A deeply depraved individual who along with his wife, Karla Homolka, raped and murdered three teenaged girls, including his own sister-in-law


Javed Iqbal: Pakistani serial killer who vowed to murder 100 boys in revenge for perceived injustices. Gave himself up after he’d achieved his goal.

Ivan Milat: Australian’s most notorious serial killer. Milat raped, tortured and killed at least seven backpackers.

Marc Dutroux: Vile pedophile who kidnapped six young girls and held them as sex slaves, eventually killing two and allowing two to starve to death.

Dorangel Vargas: Deranged cannibal killer who lived under a bridge in San Cristobal, Venezuela and preyed on drunks and vagrants.

Marcel Petoit: Parisian doctor who claimed he could help those fleeing the Nazis. Instead 60 victims found a swift and ugly death at his hands.

George Chapman: Went to the gallows for poisoning three women. But was he Jack the Ripper, as some experts believe?

Bela Kiss: An enigmatic Hungarian serial killer who feigned his own death, leaving behind the pickled corpses of 21 victims.

Plus 20 more riveting true crime cases.