Human Monsters Volume 1


30 classic cases of serial murder from around the world, including;

Fritz Haarmann: German monster who murdered as many as 70 boys, then sold their flesh on the black market as pork.

Anatoly Onoprienko: Known as “The Terminator.” Onoprienko’s crimes were so brutal that the Ukrainian government mobilized an entire army unit to stop him.

Zhang Yongming: Chinese serial killer whose home was found to contain bags of human bones, chunks of pickled human flesh, and a collection of eyeballs!

Jack Unterweger: Celebrated author and media darling who got his kicks brutalizing prostitutes across the globe.

Clifford Olson: A truly horrific serial killer who drugged and murdered at least 11 young victims, conducting sickening experiments on some of them.

John Wayne Glover: A repulsive sex fiend who preyed on elderly women in Sydney’s Mosman suburb, battering at least 6 victims to death.

Pedro Lopez: The “Monster of the Andes” accumulated a barely believable toll of 300 victims, all of them children.

Nikolai Dzhumagaliev: Known as “Metal Fang” due to his unique dental work, this serial killer served up the flesh of his victims to his unsuspecting dinner guests.

Archibald Hall: Butler to the British nobility by day, thief, conman and serial killer by night.

Alexander Spesivtsev: A Siberian cannibal who preyed on street children, slaughtering them in his filthy apartment and handing over their flesh to his mother to cook.

Plus 20 more riveting true crime cases.