Dead Men Walking Volume 1


Some killers get away with murder. Others pay the ultimate price.

50 True stories of American killers who were put to death for their horrendous crimes, including;

Ronald O'Bryan: Poisoned his own son with Halloween candy in order to collect on a life insurance policy.

Johnny Garrett: A troubled teenaged killer who raped and murdered a 76-year-old nun.

Frank Spisak Jr.: A cross-dressing Nazi serial killer who prowled the streets of Cleveland, Ohio, dispensing death with his gun.

Danielle Simpson: Heartless gangster wannabe who murdered an 84-year-old woman by throwing her off a bridge.

Robert Lee Willie: A brutal sex slayer who was executed in Louisiana. Formed the basis for the lead character in the movie Dead Man Walking.

Melvin White: A vile pedophile who raped his neighbor’s 9-year-old daughter, then bludgeoned her to death with a tire iron.

John Gilbert Graham: Wanted so desperately to murder his mother that he blew up the airliner she was traveling on, killing all 44 people on board.

Thomas Piper: A respected church deacon who moonlighted as a serial killer by night, claiming four young victims.

George Stinney: At just 14 years old, Stinney was the youngest person to be executed in the electric chair.

Andrew DeYoung: He wiped out his entire family so that he could gain early access his inheritance.

Plus 40 more riveting capital murder cases