Confessions Of A Cannibal


The shocking true account of one of the most sickening murders in the annals of American crime

On a drab, humid day in June 1928, a frail looking old man called at the Manhattan apartment of Albert and Delia Budd and persuaded them to allow their ten-year-old daughter to accompany him to a children’s party.

What followed was one of the most sensational murder cases in American history, a crime that shocked, disgusted and enthralled an entire nation.

Follow the paths of a horrendously depraved killer and the relentless detective who dedicated six years of his life to tracking him down.

Get inside the courtroom for one of the trials of the century. Revisit the crime scenes and hear from the psychiatrists who examined this human monster. And finally, read the barely believable confessions of one of the most perverted individuals ever to walk this earth.

WARNING: Confessions Of A Cannibal will shock you to the core.
This no holds barred account is not for the fainthearted.