Australian Monsters


24 Shocking True Stories of Australia’s Worst Serial Killers

True Murder Cases included in this volume;

Ivan Milat: Arguably Australia’s most notorious serial killer, Milat was convicted of the rape, torture and murder of seven backpackers.

Kathleen Folbigg: Murderous mother who sent four of her infant children to an early grave.

Paul Denyer: Sexually obsessed young man who hacked three women to death in Frankston, Victoria.

Bevan von Einem: Gay torture slayer convicted of one murder and suspected of at least four more. But was he part of a sinister pedophile murder gang?

William MacDonald: Serial slasher who terrorized Sydney and was at the center of the bizarre “Case of the Walking Corpse.”

Caroline Grills: “Aunty Thally” routinely killed members of her family, adding rat poison to the cakes and cookies she baked for them.

David and Catherine Birnie: Depraved couple who kidnapped, sexual tortured, and murdered four young women in and around Perth, Western Australia.

Archibald McCafferty: Psychotic killer who believed that the voice of his dead baby son was instructing him to kill.

Francis Knorr: One of only four women to be hanged in Victoria, Francis Knorr was a baby farmer believed to have killed upwards of 18 infants.

John Wayne Glover: A repulsive sex fiend who preyed on elderly women in Sydney’s Mosman suburb, battering at least 6 victims to death.

Plus 14 more sensational Australian Serial Killer Cases