American Monsters Volume 8


12 Shocking True Stories of America’s Worst Serial Killers

True Murder Cases included in this volume;

Aileen Wournos: female serial killer who gunned down seven men and was mythologized in the Academy Award-winning movie, "Monster."

Arthur Gary Bishop: A sickening pedophile who murdered five young boys, snatching them from the streets before bludgeoning and strangling them to death.

Ted Bundy: charming, articulate and deadly. Bundy cut a swathe of destruction across the country, raping, killing and committing necrophilia on his young victims.

Juan Corona: a California labor broker with a penchant for hacking his workers to death with a machete.

Richard Trenton Chase: the notorious 'Vampire of Sacramento,' Chase literally tore his victims apart, before consuming their flesh and blood.

The Briley Brothers: a trio of deadly siblings who carried out one of the most bloody killing sprees in Virginia history.

William Suff: serial killer and keen chef. But did Suff feed the flesh of his victims to unwitting work colleagues?

Belle Gunness: a deadly female serial killer who sent as many as 42 suitors to their graves, before disappearing with a fortune.

George Russell:Russell had a problem with rejection, as three unfortunate women discovered to their cost.

Michael Ross:serial rapist and strangler of young women, Ross was the first man executed in Connecticut in almost half a century.

Randall Woodfield: known as the I-5 Killer, Woodfield was once a draftee to the Green Bay Packers before turning his attention to a far more deadly pursuit.

Charles Starkweather: James Dean wannabe who, together with his 13-year-old girlfriend, murdered 11 people during a bloody spree.