American Monsters Volume 3


12 Shocking True Stories of America’s Worst Serial Killers

True Murder Cases included in this volume;

Rodney Alcala: who would have thought that the handsome, charming winner of The Dating Game was, in fact, a depraved serial killer.

Robert Hansen: a big game hunter who turned his attention to hunting humans, turning them loose in the wilderness and telling them to run for their lives.

Angelo Buono & Kenneth Bianchi: two murderous cousins, working together to unleash a reign of unprecedented terror on the women of Los Angeles.

Henry Louis Wallace: the Charlotte Strangler murdered 9 women in a two-year spree that had even FBI profilers baffled.

H. H. Holmes: deadly doctor who built a vast torture castle in Chicago in the late 1800’s, then lured countless young women to their deaths.

Danny Rolling: a brutal bank robber who turned to murder in his spare time, literally tearing his eight victims apart.

Charles Cullen: convicted of 40 murders and suspected of as many as 400. Is he America’s most prolific serial killer?

Derrick Todd Lee: murdered at least seven Baton Rouge women. Amazingly, another serial killer was working the same turf at the time, killing to keep up with Lee’s body count.

Herb Baumeister: family man and successful businessman by day, deadly strangler of gay men by night.

Tommy Lynn Sells: for 20 years he traveled the country, killing at will, until the courage of a ten-year-old girl brought him to justice.

Wayne Williams: The Atlanta Child Killer murdered 29 black children, teenagers and young men over a bloody 23 months. Williams took the fall but doubts still persist over his guilt.

Hadden Clark : a cross-dressing cannibal who was convicted of two murders, but had a trophy stash that suggested many more.