American Monsters Volume 10


12 Shocking True Stories of America’s Worst Serial Killers

True Murder Cases included in this volume;

William Heirens: the infamous 'Lipstick Killer' of 1940's Chicago. But was Heirens really the brutal slayer of three, or was he the politically expedient fall guy for an ambitious States Attorney?

Richard Cottingham: mild office worker by day, torturer and serial killer by night, the Torso Killer left a trail of mutilated bodies across New York and New Jersey.

Gary Ridgeway: As far as body count goes, few murderers match the Green River Killer. Confessed to 48 victims, but investigators suspect there may have been more.

Craig Price: America's youngest serial killer, Price murdered his first victim at 13, and had added three more before he'd even turned 16.

Richard Speck: cold-blooded killer who raped and murdered 8 young nursing students in a single night.

Robert Garrow: a career criminal with a taste for bestiality and necrophilia, Garrow slaughtered four young victims during a murderous spree.

Henry Lee Lucas: proficient serial killer or proficient liar? Lucas confessed to over 300 murders, definitely committed three and is suspected in as many as 50.

John Edward Robinson: lured his victims via Internet chat sites, then raped, tortured and murdered them, before storing their bodies in his own, unique coffins.

Dorothea Puente: murder-for-profit killer who fed drug overdoses to her elderly tenants then went on cashing their social security checks for years after their deaths.

John Eric Armstrong: traveled the world with the US Navy, racking up kills in every port, from Hawaii to Hong Kong.

Harrison Graham: Graham had a unique way of dealing with corpses, he simply allowed them to rot in his apartment. The stench of 8 decomposing bodies eventually led to his downfall.

Zodiac: America's most enigmatic serial killer. Zodiac killed at least 5 and taunted the San Francisco police, daring them to try and stop him.